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When you think of bankruptcy, you probably envision the popular image of a man in barrel, without a dime to his name. People may be lead to believe that bankruptcy marks the end, and symbolizes financial failure. In truth, filing for bankruptcy first step to help re-establish good credit and work toward good financial health. The law offices of Richard G. Poinsett, now part of the Boleman Law Firm of Virginia, is here to assist you through your rough financial period and get you back on your feet.

It’s important to know that there is more than one type of bankruptcy. At Poinsett, our goal is to ensure that creditors stop harassing you for payments so you can eliminate debts, and to make sure you don’t lose your home, care, or have wages garnished. For almost forty years, we have assisted people in Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg, and throughout Hampton Roads with personal bankruptcy law services:

Chapter 7 – Chapter 7 is designed for those in financial difficulty who do not have the ability to pay their existing debts. The purpose of filing a Chapter 7 case is to obtain a discharge of your existing debts. To find out if you are eligible for this type of personal bankruptcy, and whether your assets are affected, contact the law offices of Richard G. Poinsett in Hampton to schedule a free consultation.

Chapter 13 – Chapter 13 bankruptcy helps to restructure your debt so you can pay off your debts through a bankruptcy court-approved repayment plan. This process is designed to protect your home and other assets from liquidation while you work to pay off bills. Anyone considering filing for Chapter 13 will benefit from the guidance of a good attorney, and we are here to help.

Business Bankruptcy – Small business owners have found it a challenge to stay afloat in this economy. If you find you’re unable to stay in operation due to declining sales and heavy debts, call us today. Our professional Virginia bankruptcy attorneys can help you figure out your options.

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