Five Finance Tips for People in Their Twenties

For those of you about to enter your twenties, you no doubt the feelings of pride and excitement associated with official adulthood. Maybe you have finally struck out on your own with a great job and an apartment, or perhaps you’ve decided to enter graduate school to further your education for something better. While retirement …

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What Happens When You File For Bankruptcy?

If you are facing a financial low point, whether due to losing your job or facing a medical emergency that has drained your savings, you may have considered filing for bankruptcy in order to get back on track. If you have consulted with or retained the services of a reputable personal bankruptcy lawyer, you have …

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Pros and Cons of Filing For Bankruptcy

Sometimes it is impossible to prevent personal disaster from occurring. You lose your job, your car breaks down at a most inopportune time, or perhaps somebody in your family comes down with a serious illness. There are bills to pay, and the debts accumulate faster than money earned to pay them off. It may come …

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Things That Will Determine If You’ll Be Approved For a Credit Card After Bankruptcy

Filing for personal bankruptcy is hardly a goal we wish to accomplish, but given hard times in the recent economy, good hard-working people may have to turn this corner in order to resolve financial problems. If you have had to deal with such issues, know that you are not alone, and with the assistance of …

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